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PLATON: Peer-to-peer Load Adjusting Tree Overlay Networks

PLATON is a P2P Platform supporting multi-attribute and range queries.
It's routing engine is built using the SkipIndex routing framework.
PLATON offers a range of Load Balancing primitives, used to dynamically balance shared resources among peers.

Two load-balancing primitives are implemented in PLATON:
  • Load Balancing upon dynamically addition of a peer's local resources (i)
  • Load Balancing upon dynamically addition of a peer's global resources (ii)

In its current implementation, PLATON supports SkipGraphs for two-dimensional K-D trees.
The complexity for querying (search) operations is O(logN), while the complexity for load-balancing primitives O(logN*logN) (i) and O(NlogN)(ii)

11 March 2008 : PLATON code will be available soon, please visit this webpage for upconing news.

PLATON is developed by NETwork Management & Optimal DEsign Laboratory of National Technical University of Athens
PLATON is supported by FP6 EU Project 035200 ARGUGRID